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Social media marketing, done right

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule for social media marketing? If you’re using social media for business purposes, it’s one way to help you decide which types of content to post. If you follow this rule, 80% of what you post should be informative or entertaining (and NOT brand specific) while keeping any content that’s self-promoting to about 20%. Or how about the 5-3-2 rule? The rule was first proposed by TA McCann from Out of 10 social media posts:

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Is your agency providing top-notch customer service?

If you surveyed your customers, what would they say about your agency and the level of customer service you provide? Customer service is an important part of any business and plays a large role in creating loyal customers. An insurance agent who provides great customer service is much more likely to have loyal customers who purchase additional types of coverage and recommend him or her to other people. On the other hand, the effects of bad customer service can be significant. Here’s why:

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