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Streamline Your Agency: A Five-Step Guide for Implementing Automation

Automation is rapidly transforming the insurance industry, and independent insurance agents can leverage this technology to streamline their operations, reduce their administrative burden, and free up time to focus on more high-value activities. However, before implementing automation technology into your agency, it's essential to develop a well-defined strategy to ensure the technology is deployed effectively.

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Have you developed a Digital Strategy?

A Digital Strategy focuses on how you use technology to improve your business. Having a sound digital presence is one factor of an overall digital strategy as it focuses on the use of online technologies to give your business a competitive edge. However, your digital strategy does not end there - having an agency management system and leveraging other technologies to improve your business’s performance, as well as the process of evaluating new technologies you may wish to implement in the future, are all part of your digital strategy.

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Five minutes of your time

Has anyone ever asked for five minutes of your time? What is five minutes of your time even worth? If a client, employee, friend or significant other asked for five minutes of your time—do you have it to give? Or are you simply too wrapped up in your day and the tasks you need to accomplish to slow things down and make time for other people?

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Has your insurance agency gone paperless?

Do you have a paperless agency? The paperless agency is becoming more common than ever before. In the last 20 years, even the last decade, the reliance of the insurance agency on automation has increased significantly. While it once may have been adequate to store client files and policy information manually, this is no longer considered efficient or cost effective.

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How hackers can gain access to your accounts — and how to stop them

Ever wonder how hackers gain access to online accounts at home or at the office? There are a variety of different ways, but one of the most common is by using the right password. That’s right. Criminals can gain access to your private information because they either have or can easily guess your login credentials. Unfortunately, most of us make it far too easy for criminals to access their accounts that way. Here are some common ways hackers gain access to your agency’s accounts and your own — and what you can do to thwart them:

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Time management, made easier

As a busy insurance professional, you have a lot of demands on your time. And there’s only so much time in each day and week to work on your to-do list. How do you handle the time you have to run your insurance business? Here are some ways to better manage the time you have to serve your customers and manage your agency.

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