Licensed to Talk Insurance

A Podcast for Independent Insurance Agents

Episode 1 - Websites, SEO and Content Creation

In this episode we discuss ways Kelsey helps our members with their websites and how agents can improve their SEO and get chosen online through content creation and story telling.


Meet your hosts:

Kelsey Concklin Ramsey
Director of Digital Strategy

Kelsey Concklin Ramsey, a graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has been in the advertising technology and digital media industry since 2015. Starting her career at Mbuy, a Mediaocean company, she built her foundation on all things digital media including online ad creation, website tracking and social media marketing.
In 2016 Kelsey moved over to Centro where she worked with large clients across multiple verticals and focused on their digital ad creation, website tracking strategies and paid social setup for over 4 years. As the Manager of Ad Operations, she was responsible for educating her teams and clients on the ever-evolving changes within the digital advertising industry while also executing those changes for her clients.
Kelsey joins Chicagoland SIA to share her digital expertise and to consult our agencies on the digital landscape. Outside of work Kelsey enjoys hiking, volunteering, and horseback riding.

Amanda Yaniz
Director of Marketing

Amanda Yaniz joined the Chicagoland SIA team in 2018. She is responsible for all the digital and print media.  This includes the website, social media, blog, video series and podcast.
She is also responsible for planning the twice annual Member Meetings in the Spring and Fall each year.
Congruently, Amanda works as the Director of Marketing for Concklin Insurance Agency, an Independent Insurance Agency located in Northern Illinois.  She creates all digital and print content and media for the agency.  Amanda brings this experience to Chicagoland SIA and its members.