Increase Your Income

Chicagoland SIA Members have an exclusive opportunity to increase their income. Standalone agencies, and those who have joined small groups, can generally only generate income in two ways:

  • Commissions - which have continued to drop year over year, and
  • Profit Sharing - which if your book isn't big enough, you'll be stuck earning entry level payments. (Lower lift side of Profit-Sharing Grid)

Chicagoland SIA is your local Master Agency for SIAA, meaning you get all the benefits of having a local team helping you grow your agency and be part of a large, national alliance. We have worked hard to maximize your growth and income potential both locally and nationally.

Five Ways to Get Paid

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National Incentives

As a part of SIAA, Chicagoland SIA participates in the National Incentive Program we call Portfolio Management Service Fees (PMSF). With over $11 Billion in total in-force premium, SIAA has negotiated National Incentives which are passed along to members with total transparency. These are fixed incentives, paid quarterly throughout the year, based on an agents new and renewal business.

Regional Incentives

Chicagoland SIA has negotiated several traditional incentive programs with Strategic Partner Companies. These incentives are based on growth, new business, and other metrics.

Enhanced Commissions

While commissions are being cut, our members have the ability to earn the highest commissions available from our Strategic Partners Companies. Also, if you have a Direct Appointment, all commissions are paid directly to the agent.

Regional Profit-Sharing

Chicagoland SIA is a large regional organization and we have worked to establish our own relationships with Strategic Partner Carriers. The size of Chicagoland SIA has allowed us to qualify for a larger share of profit-sharing. This means larger payouts and distributions paid back to the agent based on their performance.

National Profit-Sharing

These are similar to traditional profit-sharing based on premium, growth, retention, and profitability and are distributed to local agencies at year-end.

Both National Incentive and Profit-Sharing are distributed to local agencies over and above local commissions, local incentives, and local profit-sharing


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