Benefits of Membership

How Can Membership Benefit You?

Market Access

Chicagoland SIA has a unique two-stage approach to accessing both personal and commercial lines standard markets. From the very first day of membership, agencies may utilize the AccessPlus placement facility to assist with placing quality new business submissions, while continuing to build knowledge on the current marketplace.  Additionally, Chicagoland SIA continues to negotiate reduced premiums commitments with carriers to allow Chicagoland SIA members the ability to earn direct appointment or sub-code.

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Increased Income

Joining Chicagoland SIA puts your agency at a competitive advantage with national and local relationships with Strategic Partner Companies. Learn how Chicagoland SIA Membership provides more opportunities for agency to earn income.

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Agency Growth & Development

Chicagoland SIA offers a number of consultative programs to assist you in growing your agency.  Access step by step guides on building your personal lines and commercial lines book of business, as well as how to design success marketing campaigns.

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Digital Strategy

Chicagoland SIA offers consultation services to help boost your agency’s online presence across all aspects of the digital landscape. As you find yourself starting out or growing your existing business, it’s crucial to have an online footprint to capture as many potential leads as possible. In order to do so, we recommend that all our agencies have a website, a company Facebook page, a company LinkedIn page and a Google My Business account at the bare minimum. Don’t know where to start? Below is an overview of how we can you navigate your business through the digital landscape.

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Training & Learning

Members of Chicagoland SIA gain access to the SIAA Training and Learning Center which provides a large array of courses including continuing education via WebCE.

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Market Finder

Through SIAA Marketfinder we assist with identifying potential markets for unique risks outside the standard markets AccessPlus provides.  Use Marketfinder to find a market for difficult commercial, professional, or personal accounts.  Target a class of business with Marketfinder programs and specialty markets.


“Joining Chicagoland SIA is one of the most important decisions to have a fast start. It’s excellent and caring staff have since assisted my agency greatly to survive and thrive. In addition to that, belonging to a circle of agents make you feel stronger. I strongly believe that is very important in today's environment.” Chris Kuo, Agent
Aegis and Associates
CSIA Member since 2009
“Since entering a partnership with SIAA in 2009, our agency binds coverage for over 80% of the clients we quote. My only regret, is not knowing about it sooner. A first class organization with first class leaders.” Darren Engar
Illinois Insurance Services
CSIA ISM since 2009
In 2014, I made a tough decision. I left my 12-year career in as a Mortgage Consultant to completely start over as an insurance agent. I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a business owner, but more importantly a legacy that I can pass on to my children, so I needed to make a change. In 2016, I was contacted by Chicagoland SIA. Their amazing support, distribution model, and the many opportunities offered by Chicagoland SIA made the decision to join a no brainer. While I was approached by many different insurance aggregators and networks, they did not offer the same advantages as joining the largest alliance of insurance agencies nationwide – SIAA.
Being an independent agent, knowing that the solutions you offer your clients is incomparable, is one of the best feelings. Becoming part of Chicagoland SIA was the best career move I have made. If you want to be a successful insurance agency, I strongly recommend becoming an Independent Insurance Agent with Chicagoland SIA.
Thank you, Chicagoland SIA, for giving me, and my family, the best opportunities, and the chance to achieve my dreams. Valdet Zuteja
Relia Insurance Group
“SIAA has been a great partner for our agency for many years. It has allowed us access to many carriers that we would not otherwise have. Due to our association with SIAA the carriers provide us with superior service and work with us to grow our agency. In addition, we are able to obtain much better pricing with our management system and our comparative rater, this allows us to run our agency more efficiently. Finally, the over-rides that are available to us as a member are outstanding, we would never be able to negotiate that on our own. I feel it would be much harder to be an independent agency without our relationship with SIAA and our master agency.” John Miller
Merit Insurance Group
I needed somebody who had expertise in digital strategy and marketing to evaluate all of my marketing, website, and social media platforms. I was getting traffic on my website and from Google but it wasn't necessarily leading to a lot of sales and I was getting very little interaction on social media posts. My website had a lot of information but was cluttered. Kelsey did a full digital analysis of my entire company and gave me step by step feedback on things to change on my website, my Google business, and all my social media platforms. She also explained what I was doing well and why it was good with all kinds of detailed notes and helpful information. I feel if I had hired somebody to do this it would have cost me thousands of dollars but to have this type of value included with my SIAA membership speaks volumes about the organization and what it can do for any agency. I'm confident all of the changes will not only help my agency grow but will help establish more credibility to my existing and potential clients. Terrence Kloss
Your Life Protect
SIAA is an alliance who is always working to help their agents, and looking into the future for additional support and alignment. Higher commissions with carriers, as well as Growth and Profit sharing bonus opportunities.
Having the Chicagoland SIA LLC Personal Lines and Commercial Lines Team, as part of my Team, made me BIG! Both the PL & CL teams help me find the carrier has the appetite, that matches my risk! I am able to secure the correct coverage needs with a competitive Proposal.
Having a personal Agency Development professional, who helps me strategize my long term plans, plus the BIA program, as well as all the other available Training and Learning in the member site.
Having a Digital Marketing specialist is invaluable! I get one on one help with putting together a comprehensive plan for my business Digital Marketing Strategy.
There is a reason SIAA and Chicagoland SIA are #1. It is not by accident. Alan Sussman
Northeast Insurance Solutions
“Kemper began their relationship with Chicagoland SIA in late November of 2008. Since that point, Chicagoland SIA has become one of our largest agencies in Illinois and our Midwest Region. We have found the staff and organization as a whole to be very professional, outgoing and operate with the utmost of honesty and integrity. They are a credit to the growth, future, and well being of the Independent Agency system as we know it today.” Todd Berg
Marketing - Kemper