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A Video Series for Independent Insurance Agents

Should your agency use Service Centers?

Insurance Company Service Centers provide insurance agents with valuable time-saving tools that allows them to focus on growing their agency.

Service centers provide first class service for policy holder’s day to day needs, and many also offer upsell and cross sell functions – all while attaining retention rates in the mid-90s. Simply put, service centers free up an agency’s time allowing them to focus on other revenue generating functions.

Cross Selling 

Cross selling to your existing clients has several key advantages over prospecting for new clients.

For starters, you already have a relationship with your client which means they already have a level of trust in your agency and are usually more receptive to expanding upon that relationship. 

The average client has 7.1 policies, but independent agent only average 1.5 policies per client.  If these other policies are not written by you, then another agent has also developed a relationship with your client and is directly competing with you for their business.  The more policies a client has with an agent, the less likely they are to be receptive to other agents courting their business which significantly improves your chances of retaining your clients.

The cost of going after new prospects is significantly higher than cross selling to existing clients.  The time and money spent researching, searching for, contacting, and marketing to new prospects adds up.  Where as following up with existing clients is already part of your routine.  Adding a cross selling component to these contact points takes significantly less time and has little to no extra expense.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps businesses analyze their website traffic using a piece of JavaScript code that gets placed on the business’ website. Google offers a free dashboard that takes the data that the JavaScript code collects and puts it into tables, charts, etc. to help the website owner make sense of their site analytics. Google Analytics also allows website owners to track page events (form fills, button clicks, etc.), determine where web traffic is coming from (search engines, sites direct, social channels, etc.), insight into where users are going once they get to the website, and ultimately provides general demographic insights on your user base.

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Why you should create content

Creating content takes time.
Creating content takes work.
Creating content takes practice.
So why do it?
Because it is the best long-term solution to growing your business.

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Building your digital presence with a website

Many potential clients will look up the business website before contacting the business owner to ensure it’s a good fit for their needs. Without a website it’s difficult to stay competitive within the industry especially in today’s environment where most of the initial contact is happening online. Whether or not you already have a website, below are a few recommendations we have to ensure your site is optimized to its full potential.

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Welcome to Beyond the Dec Page

Welcome to Beyond the Dec Page, a video and blog series where we discuss everything that goes on behind the scenes at an independent insurance agency. From operating, managing, and owning your own business, to increasing income and value, to marketing and digital strategies.