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Five minutes of your time

Has anyone ever asked for five minutes of your time? What is five minutes of your time even worth? If a client, employee, friend or significant other asked for five minutes of your time—do you have it to give? Or are you simply too wrapped up in your day and the tasks you need to accomplish to slow things down and make time for other people?

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The next generation for your insurance business

Millennials may get a lot of attention and press, but insurance agencies need to start appealing to a younger cohort or risk becoming out of touch. Consider the fact that Gen Z’ers, born between 1995 and 2012, are beginning to work and make investments in their future. In other words, ignore them and you will increasingly miss out on opportunities to grow your insurance business.

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Do your customers like you?

Have you ever thought about why your customers choose to come to you with their insurance needs? Competition in the insurance marketplace is greater today than ever before. A customer can get a quote and buy a policy—sometimes within just a few minutes—for almost any type of insurance coverage. Even if he chooses to shop around, there is an abundance of insurance comparison websites where a customer can compare coverage options.

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