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Earning your superhero status

When the concept of a superhero comes to mind, it probably doesn’t conjure up images of an insurance agent. The insurance agent doesn’t leap over tall buildings with a single bound or rid the universe of evil. However, insurance is complicated to say the least—and clients depend on the expertise and knowledge of insurance agents to guide them through the process of choosing the right insurance protection.

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Agency success: using analytics to evaluate employee performance

Your employees are the embodiment of your agency to your clients. Your agency will only perform as well as your employees do. Employees are your voice, your hands, etc. when it comes to dealing with clients. When clients are treated well, they will speak highly of your agency. On the other hand, if a client has a bad experience when dealing with one of your employees, he isn’t going to think about it as being treated badly one individual employee. He is going to relate the bad experience as being treated badly by your entire company.

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Insuring the unusual

Recently, Notre Dame, an 800-year-old cathedral in Paris, was devastated by fire. It was not insured, so the billions of dollars in damage will not be paid for by insurance companies. The French government will be responsible for restoring and rebuilding the valuable artwork and property. Often, government entities and very high value individuals or corporations will choose to self-insure, meaning they take on the risk of paying for any damages to property themselves.

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