Five minutes of your time

Has anyone ever asked for five minutes of your time? What is five minutes of your time even worth? If a client, employee, friend or significant other asked for five minutes of your time—do you have it to give? Or are you simply too wrapped up in your day and the tasks you need to accomplish to slow things down and make time for other people?

We’ve all been there. The phone rings, and then it rings again and again. You’re answering emails from five days ago and your voicemail is full…again! Where does the time in all your days go? Do you even remember the last time you actually had a meaningful conversation with a client or colleague?

If you slow things down a little and start making the time to hear what others have to say to you, you could really be surprised at what can happen! You’ll start having meaningful conversations and gain insight into the lives of your clients on a personal level. You’ll learn about life changes that could open up new business opportunities and build that agent/client relationship that is so vital in the insurance industry.

If you are too busy to hear what others have to say to you, then you are simply too busy, period! This sort of driven, narrow-focused behavior can shut others out and leave you missing out on opportunities in your personal life, as well. It’s time to make time for others in your life. No matter how busy you think you are, you do have the time. You’ll feel more fulfilled, motivated and satisfied when you are at work. Slow down and make those five minutes of time for someone else. You’ll be happy you did!