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Time management, made easier

As a busy insurance professional, you have a lot of demands on your time. And there’s only so much time in each day and week to work on your to-do list. How do you handle the time you have to run your insurance business? Here are some ways to better manage the time you have to serve your customers and manage your agency.

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Interviewing job candidates, made easier

Finding great employees for your insurance agency can be challenging. That’s why interviewing job applicants is such a critical step in the hiring process. Talking to an applicant in person and observing how they answer your questions can help you determine whether they have the right skills and knowledge for the position and if they’ll fit well into your workforce.

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The power of perception checking

Have you ever felt misunderstood? We all have. That’s why perception checking is such an important skill. Simply put, perception-checking involves directly asking another person for clarity to ensure you’re understanding what they’re trying to say with their words or body language.

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Seven ways to reduce your E&O risk

Facing an E&O insurance claim is a lot like an IRS audit. It’s something you really want to avoid. It’s time-consuming, unsettling and uncomfortable. In today’s litigious business environment, it’s a great time to review some of the most effective ways to reducing your E&O risk as well as provide a strong defense in the event a claim is made against you:

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