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A stronger password in four easy steps

We all know we should be using strong passwords. But studies show that many of us are still using passwords like ’123456.’ That was the most-used password nationwide last year, followed by ‘password,’ ’123456789,’ ’12345678′ and ’12345′. Rounding out the top 10: ’111111,’ ’1234567,’ sunshine,’ ‘qwerty,’ and ‘iloveyou’. Chances are, even if your password skills are much better than average, they could still use some improvement. That’s why we wanted to share with you four simple steps to a stronger password.

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Are you providing your agents with guidance and support?

Feedback is critically important in any business because it helps employees identify areas in which they need to improve and to develop their skills. It’s especially important in the insurance business, where agents need guidance and support to succeed. Yet providing face-to-face feedback remains one of the most challenging aspects of managing other people.

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Simple ways to beat Zoom fatigue

How many Zoom meetings do you participate in each week? Probably more than you used to. The use of Zoom and other video conferencing technology has skyrocketed during the global pandemic as a way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and as many businesses adapt to remote work. Unfortunately, all of those video calls can lead to “Zoom fatigue.”

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Cultivate a strong personal brand

Cultivating a strong personal brand can yield a lifetime of benefits. Yet many people mistakenly believe that personal branding is mostly about things like choosing stylish clothing and memorizing an effective elevator speech. They don’t realize that successful personal branding is less about how you look and more about what you do each day and the bonds you create with other people. The real power of personal branding lies in demonstrating qualities such as diligence, kindness, compassion and graciousness.

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Have you claimed your agency's Yelp page?

Yelp is growing in popularity by virtually any measure. The social review platform has an average of 77 million monthly unique mobile web visitors and an average of 37 million monthly unique mobile app users each month. While a business may have a strong social media presence elsewhere, by disregarding Yelp, it could be missing out on a vital opportunity to demonstrate top-notch customer or client service and to address complaints.

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