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Avoid slips and falls at the office this winter

Did you know that slips and falls are two of the most common causes of injury during the winter months? Rain, ice and snow all can dramatically increase the likelihood that you or one of your employees will end up injured. One of the best ways to avoid a serious injury? Walk like a penguin. It’s easy. Simply spread your feet out a bit to increase your center of gravity and take small steps. Next time you are out on an icy sidewalk, try it. Here are some other suggestions to help prevent wintertime slips and falls:

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Guiding families with teen drivers

Chances are, you have a significant number of customers who either have a teen driver in their household or will have one soon. Those families are going to have questions about protecting their teens and also will be looking for ways to keep their auto insurance costs under control. It’s a fact: As a group, teenagers cost more to insure than adults. That’s due, of course, to the fact that teen drivers are the riskiest age group to insure. The risk of motor vehicle accidents is higher among 16- to 19-year-olds than among any other age group. They are nearly three times more likely to crash than older drivers.

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The top reasons why homeowners file claims

It’s estimated that one in 20 insured homeowners nationwide makes a claim each year. The most common reason? Weather. Damage from the elements — wind, hail, rain and snow — is the most common reason homeowners file claims. Fire-related claims are less common, but are the most costly. Here are the most common types of losses incurred by homeowners, according to the Insurance Information Institute:

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Protecting your clients from credit card fraud

Did you know that since 2016, 15 million people have become victims of credit card fraud? Javelin Strategy and Research estimated that credit card fraud cost $16 billion that year. With credit card fraud on the rise, learning how to safeguard against cyber criminals is more important than ever before. Here’s information your clients should know about how to use credit cards safely and lessen the chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

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