Effective ways to keep your agency's data safe

Did you know that cybercrime has now surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker? It’s true. That’s why it’s critical to know how to protect yourself while you’re using your computer, on and offline. Here are some important tips designed to keep you and your data safe:

Watch those USB drives. It’s not safe to use USB drives to share files and other information. USB devices can have malware installed on them that can completely take over a personal computer or redirect e-mails.

Be cautious with public Wi-Fi. Using your laptop, tablet or smartphone at a café, in a hotel or at the airport can leave you vulnerable. Always be cautious about what information you send and the sites you visit when you’re using an unsecured wi-fi network.

Invest in security software. Keep your devices up-to-date with the latest firewall protection and antivirus programs. Update as necessary. Don’t skimp on security software or help from a technology expert. These are two important ways to keep your system — and all of the critical information you store in it — secure.

Use an email filtering service. Unfortunately, malware and viruses are often sent out through spam or email from a friend or colleague who may have had an account or computer hacked. An email filtering service hosted by a third party can help provide another important layer of protection.

Create a policy. You may want to create a policy for employees detailing where, how and which devices can be used to access company data. Do your employees check their email from a smartphone? That can increase productivity, but you need to have a system in place to secure your data. Enlisting the help of a technology professional can be a wise investment in your business.

Be aware of the threats. Stay up to date on security threats and make sure all of your employees do, too.