Episode 13 - We Sit Down With Pierre Poinsett

In the latest episode of "Licensed to Talk Insurance," hosts Amanda and Kelsey dive into a captivating conversation with Pierre Poinsett, a seasoned insurance professional who has embarked on a transformative journey from being a Captive Insurance Agent to becoming an Independent Insurance Agent and opening his own agency: Poinsett Insurance Agency. Pierre, who became a member of Chicagoland SIA last year, shares invaluable insights into the pivotal moments that led him to make this transition.

During the episode, listeners will gain a firsthand perspective on the challenges and surprises Pierre encountered when shifting from the captive world to that of independence. His experiences shed light on the dynamic nature of the insurance industry and how adaptability and continuous learning are crucial for success. Pierre also highlights the instrumental role played by Chicagoland SIA's dedicated team in supporting his transition and helping him thrive in his new role. 

Additionally, the episode delves into Pierre's pre-insurance career, exploring how his prior experiences have influenced his journey and shaped his approach to insurance. "Licensed to Talk Insurance" listeners are in for an engaging and informative discussion that underscores the importance of adaptability, courage, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge in the ever-evolving world of insurance.