Episode 15 - Navigating the Ins and Outs of Independent vs. Captive Insurance Agencies

In this episode of "Licensed to Talk Insurance," Amanda Yaniz, Director of Marketing at Chicagoland SIA, welcomes special guest host Mike O'Donnell, Vice President and Recruiter for Chicagoland SIA, and an independent insurance agent for Concklin Insurance Agency. Mike shares valuable insights gained from his professional journey, discussing his transition from a captive agent to an independent insurance agent. The episode explores the pros and cons of both models, emphasizing the flexibility and customization advantages offered by the independent agency system. Mike delves into the significance of book ownership, contrasting the limitations in the captive model with the freedom and potential for lucrative returns in the independent agency model. The discussion also touches on the family-run nature of independent agencies and the challenges faced in perpetuating an agency with the captive model. Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances between independent and captive insurance agencies in this informative and engaging episode.