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A Digital Strategy focuses on how you use technology to improve your business. Having a sound digital presence is one factor of an overall digital strategy as it focuses on the use of online technologies to give your business a competitive edge. However, your digital strategy does not end there - having an agency management system and leveraging other technologies to improve your business’s performance, as well as the process of evaluating new technologies you may wish to implement in the future, are all part of your digital strategy.

The first step in creating a digital strategy is to identify your current level of technology adoption in six key areas: website, social media, Google, Review Sites, Organic Advertising, and Paid Advertising.

We recommend that agents download our digital scorecard to self-evaluate the agency’s digital adaption.

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Beginner's Guide to Building Your Digital Presence

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Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing and Content Creation

Do you create original content? This guide explores setting up a Content Marketing Strategy, the importance of original content, along with some tips to make your content work for you.

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“Kemper began their relationship with Chicagoland SIA in late November of 2008. Since that point, Chicagoland SIA has become one of our largest agencies in Illinois and our Midwest Region. We have found the staff and organization as a whole to be very professional, outgoing and operate with the utmost of honesty and integrity. They are a credit to the growth, future, and well being of the Independent Agency system as we know it today.” Todd Berg
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