Welcome to Beyond the Dec Page

Welcome to Beyond the Dec Page, a video and blog series where we discuss everything that goes on behind the scenes at an independent insurance agency. From operating, managing, and owning your own business, to increasing income and value, to marketing and digital strategies.

My name is Amanda Yaniz and I am the Director of Marketing at Chicagoland SIA. You can follow our channel to keep up to date on our latest content, subscribe to our newsletter, or visit our website chicagolandsia.com. Starting in October we will also have a podcast, Licensed to Talk Insurance, where I will be joined by Kelsey Ramsey, our Director of Digital Strategy and we will talk about being an independent insurance agency, focusing on digital and content strategies, sales strategies, marketing and more.

The insurance industry is evolving. We are rapidly becoming a consumer driven industry - and it’s about time. Our clients expect the same service levels and convenience they experience in other areas of their lives.

Some might find this scary, but here at Chicagoland SIA, we see it as an opportunity and an opportunity for independent agents to embrace change. Every day, new digital capabilities become available for us to improve our marketing, operations, sales, and service. Technology can level the playing field.

At Chicagoland SIA, we’re dedicated to the creation, growth retention and now the evolution of independent agencies. We believe that it is simply the greatest time to be an independent insurance agency… period.

We see new agencies opening with a 100% digital model and we see existing independent agencies investing in and using digital capabilities, not to reinvent themselves, but to enhance the traditional agency operations and for their people to improve sales and the client experience.  

If you’re looking to align your agency with a forward-thinking organization dedicated to independent agencies and their evolution, then talk to us.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, visit our website, and join our mailing list to stay up to date on new content aimed helping your agency grow and evolve.